New England's Finest Seafood: Wild. Local. Natural.

Our seafood might just be the last wild protein commercially available. By supporting our fisheries, you are doing good for your health, your local economy, and your community—our seafood is healthy, sustainable, and delicious!

About The Local Catch, Inc.

The Local Catch was founded in 2010 by Captain Richard Cook and his wife Ann. The Cooks were inspired by the philosophy that selling Rhode Island seafood locally improves our community's relationship with the food we eat.

At The Local Catch, our top priority is quality. Rich, who fished for over 35 years on the F/V Sandra Lynn, knows Rhode Island seafood; where to catch it, when it’s in season, and how to keep it at its freshest from ocean-to-table. We market Rhode Island seafood we catch on our own boat, as well as seafood caught by our fisherman friends around the region.

The Local Catch is a local seafood processor that markets local seafood to local consumers. The Local Catch strategy supports New England fishermen, is better for the environment, and provides a fresher, tastier seafood product to our community.

When you purchase seafood from The Local Catch, you...

  • help your local commercial fishermen stay in business

  • reduce the carbon footprint of the seafood you consume

  • obtain the highest quality seafood available

  • enjoy one of the biggest perks of being a New Englander: the world-famous Rhode Island seafood off our shores!

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“Wild capture fisheries have the lowest ecological footprint of ANY protein production.”

—Dr Ray Hillborn, Washington State University

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