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Get the freshest New England seafood shipped to your door.

Our sustainable, wild-caught local seafood is the best Rhode Island has to offer.

Support Rhode Island fishermen and our local food economy! 

This is a great gift idea for folks who cannot otherwise get our quality seafood. Surprise your foodie friends with the gift of fish!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why direct home shipping?

Locals have enjoyed the fresh seafood we have been bringing straight to you at the farmers markets across Rhode Island and Connecticut for the past three years. However, with a limited amount of farmers markets available within a reasonable distance of our Point Judith facility, we have been searching for another outlet to expand the range and convenience of our offerings. So, we have come up with an alternative: direct home shipping. This will allow consumers throughout New England as well as other parts of the country to order fresh fish from us and have it shipped directly to their home, making it more convenient for you while helping to support our local fishermen and promote an increasingly important local food economy.


Is the seafood really any different than what I get at my chain store’s fish counter?

With 40 years experience in the commercial fishing industry, including many years spent at sea as an active fisherman, Captain Rich Cook has extraordinary experience in selecting seafood that is of the highest quality and freshness. He seeks out the best fish and shellfish, just for you. We can even try to track down special orders on seafood we don’t normally offer! The local fishermen we partner with have grown accustomed to our high standards and only bring us the best. The less a fresh food product is handled by different middlemen, the more confident you can be that you are getting a fresh, quality product. This is NOT the same seafood that you will find at any grocery store. 


How will my order be handled?

We are not the big guys. The Local Catch is owned and operated by Captain Rich Cook and his wife Ann, along with just a handful of employees. Once your order has been placed, Captain Rich will personally source the freshest seafood possible to fulfill your order from our Point Judith facility where it will be carefully packed and shipped directly to your door.


How will I know my seafood arrives at a safe temperature?

Seafood is packed in an insulated cooler with the perfect number of gel ice packs to maintain a food safe temperature. The products within should feel cool to the touch and should be refrigerated immediately. 


What if seafood arrives damaged or above temperature?

Due to its perishable nature, we are unable to accept physical returns of seafood (this would be extremely inconvenient for all parties). However, if your order arrives damaged, or if your package appears to have gone above the food-safety recommended temperature, please contact us and we will be happy to either reship a new order or refund your money.


What seafood do you offer for home shipping? Are there more options?

We are looking to grow the direct home shipping program in a sustainable way, staying true to our motto of “Fresh. Local. Sustainable.”  As there is an increase in demand, and as the summer season approaches, which brings an increase in supply, we will be able to bring you more options for direct home shipping. Currently, we are able to offer cod, flounder, scallops, squid, Salt Pond oysters, and smoked fish (smoked naturally & locally at Fox Seafood in Narragansett). We also may be able to fulfill special requests depending on availability.  


Where do you ship to? How much does it cost?

We are able to ship our products anywhere in the United States. Due to the perishable nature and particular packaging of this product, we recommend packages be shipped with USPS ground within an 800 mile radius of Rhode Island.  Shipping beyond 800 miles is available by USPS Priority Air or next day air. Choosing USPS ground for shipments beyond 800 miles is possible but not recommended (nor guaranteed) because ground may take up to 5 days beyond that radius.