Fluke (Paralichthys dentatus)

Biology: Fluke, also known as summer flounder, are found in the coastal waters off Rhode Island during summer months. During the winter, they migrate offshore to spawn. Fluke, like all left-eyed flounder, can change the color of their upper side to match the color of the seafloor around them. Fluke are concentrated in the area from North Carolina to Massachusetts. They feed on menhaden, squid, and crabs.

Sustainability status: The fluke population is currently undergoing stock rebuilding and is on track to be fully rebuilt by January, 2013. Overfishing is not occuring, and the stock is not currently overfished. More information is available here.

Harvest: We catch our fluke using a gill net, a net hanging vertically in the water that snares only those fish that are the same size as the net's mesh. This fishing method is very selective, since larger fish do not fit in the net's mesh and smaller fish swim right through. We also buy fluke caught with bottom trawls, floating fish traps, and rod and reel.

Preparation: Fluke have a delicate white flesh that is delicious when broiled or breaded and fried.

Nutritional facts: Fluke are a good source of B vitamins and niacin. A 100-gram portion of fluke contains 18.84 grams of protein, 32.7 mcg selenium, 91 calories, 1.19 grams fat, 48 mg cholesterol, and 81 mg sodium.


Available whole or filleted, year round.

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