Crabs (Cancer irroratus; Cancer borealis)

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Biology: Our fishermen catch both rock crabs and jonah crabs. Jonah crabs are the more heavily built of the two, and the teeth along the front of their shells are less jagged. The two species are often found in the same locations and are caught together. These crabs are not particular about habitat, and are just as likely to hide in crevices between rocks as they are to burrow in sand. Crabs eat mussels, snails, barnacles, and dead fish. They use the tiny hairs coating each of their ten legs to sense the presence of food. 

Sustainability status: Crabs are caught primarily as bycatch in the lobster fishery. As a result, the crab fishery is unregulated and assumed to be sustainable.  

Harvest:  Crabs are caught in traps along with lobsters.

Nutritional facts: A 100-gram portion of Jonah crab claws contains 16.2 g protein, 95 calories, 1.9 grams of fat, 78 mg cholesterol, and 276 mg sodium.


Available live, year round.


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